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Where to buy Brooch Bouquets in the UK?


Nicola Garrett is an independent brooch bouquet designer based in Southampton, UK. Nicola has been making brooch bouquets for 4 years now and we feel that it’s high time we introduced her incredible work to you. These beautiful creations really captured our imaginations at the WDD office. Nicola only ever produces one off bouquets, making each one individual and that extra bit special. The brooches used vary from modern hot pink diamantes and pearl beads to vintage Victorian butterflies and 20s gold leaf foliage.


Buying a brooch bouquet has many advantages. It’s unique, it’s alternative, it’s glamorous .. and it lasts! But our favourite thing about these brooch bouquets is that they become a precious keepsake that can be loved and cherished for years to come. What an incredible memento of the most important day of your life. These brooch bouquets are the sort of items that deserve to be passed down through generations just like a priceless piece of jewellery.


Nicola Garrett already has stock of some incredible brooch bouquet designs but if you have your own ideas in mind – that’s not a problem. Nicola offers a bespoke service starting at £300. This includes multiple design consultations, a chance to personally select some of the brooches and the priceless satisfaction of knowing that you are going to be walking down the aisle with something that is so personal to you, your personality and your wedding theme.


But why stop there? There are bridesmaids bouquets to think about, flower girl brooches, button holes for the boys and cake toppers too. Perhaps you would like to see a little of your bespoke brooch bouquet reflected in your centrepieces or your chair cover pins. We recommend brainstorming your ideas with Nicola. She is a true pro who will welcome your suggestions with open arms. Make your wedding sparkle and contact Nicola Garrett today.

Click here to contact Nicola Garrett.


10 thoughts on “Where to buy Brooch Bouquets in the UK?

  1. Love love love them! I was considering silk flower bouquets because my Mum and sister are allergic to pollen but this has given me a whole new idea. Better start saving!

    • Thank you for commenting Lulu. What a fantastic point about pollen allergies. Silk flowers are a great alternative to real flowers but like you say – these are even better. Good luck with saving those pennies.

  2. Such a clever idea. something I would be proud to whip out and show off years down the line. Now all i need is someone to marry and i’m well away.

  3. Gosh so beautiful. I’ve seen these in Australia before. It’s nice to know that they’re available in England. I’d have great fun matching up my jewellery and accessories to one of these!

  4. These are gorgeous! Great keepsake and can be created with vintage broaches as family air looms. Love this idea. Especially with the feathers looks so elegant and unique!

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