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How to Choose Your Wedding Style – Our Guide


So the love of your life has popped the question and you’ve said yes. Woo hoo! This is one of the most exciting times of your life. Congratulations! You’ve called your Mum, you’ve considered your maid of honour and there’s not a bridal magazine on-sale in UK that doesn’t have pride of place on your coffee table right now. What next? The wedding itself of course! Your head must be spinning with visions of your perfect wedding day. We have a guide that will help you to choose your perfect wedding style and it’s broken down into 4 easy to follow sections – Choose a Theme, Set the Scene, Colour Scheme and Produce the Dream. So take a deep breath, get a cup of tea and let’s get started.

Choose a Theme

When we say ‘theme’ we’re not talking about fancy dress party themes. It doesn’t have to be Pirates & Indians or Harry Potter (unless you want it to be of course!). A theme is usually a certain style such as ‘vintage glam’ or ‘modern simplistic’ – a couple of words that sum up the overall look and feel of the day. It extends to every part of the wedding – the stationary, the centrepieces, the flowers, the food & drinks, the entertainment and even the dress.

It’s important to understand your wedding theme before you get started. If you jump right in and start buying things then you will find that your theme gets muddled and confused later on. Before you do anything, start a mood board. The very best and easiest way to do this is on We have Pinterest invites to give away so write on our Facebook wall to request one. Browse wedding boards on Pinterest, flick through magazines and follow real wedding blogs. When you see something you like, add it to your board. After you’ve collected 15 images or so, take a look and see if there are any reoccurring themes running throughout the images? We bet you there are!

Set the Scene

It is so important to consider your setting when you are choosing your wedding style. For example, you wouldn’t want to have a vintage or retro wedding at a super modern, state-of-the-art steel and glass fronted hotel. You also wouldn’t want to have a minimalist and sleek-chic wedding in a dark and rustic barn. Venues and wedding styles develop a bit of a ‘chicken or the egg’ complex. Which comes first? Do you choose a wedding style then find a venue that works with it or do you find your venue then let that dictate the style? Well our advice is to let the venue go first. There are endless options and variations with wedding styles but there are only so many venues on offer within the area that you can consider getting married.

Start looking at wedding venues ASAP. Don’t forget that not all venues have fantastic websites with beautiful photo galleries – some need to be seen in person. Oh and never see more than two in one day – you’ll never remember the first one if you do. Much like your wedding dress, you usually know when you’ve found ‘the one’ when it comes to venues. Let your heart lead you on that choice. Once you’ve found your venue, you will have a direction to follow for your theme and colour scheme. Let the setting inspire you and be sure that your theme and colour scheme compliment their surroundings. Take a photo of the inside and outside of the venue as well as any key features that might be in your reception space. Make these the centre of your mood board.

Colour Scheme

So you have your venue and you have your theme. By now your colour scheme has probably fallen into place. But if it hasn’t, then we have a few more pointers for you.

  • One colour is rarely enough. Choose a main colour, an accent colour and a background colour. Your main colour will be your favourite and is likely to feature in the bridesmaid’s dresses, the flowers and the centrepieces. The accent colour is one that is used occasionally to add contrast or break up large blocks of your main colour. A background colour should be light and neutral such as white, ivory or cream. This is the colour that will be used where bolder or brighter colours would be too much, such as table cloths and invitations. A nice way to choose your background colour is to select the colour of the bride’s dress. Let’s have an example of this 3 colour concept in action. In the mood board below, the main colour is yellow, the accent colour is black and the background colour is white.


  • If your wedding venue has a deep red carpet then there is no point in trying to ignore that – a fuschia pink colour scheme is going to clash whether you like it or not. If there are any standout colours in your reception space then try to work with them, not against them. If there is a stained glass window, a patterned carpet or even a view through French doors – takes colours from that and create one harmonious pallet. If you are desperate to use a colour that clashes with a large feature of the room then consider using coloured wall-washer lights or drapes to disguise and blend.
  • Think of your theme. If you are having a beach wedding then consider taking colours from the ocean, the sand or a coral reef. If you are having a vintage glam wedding then consider using pastels rather than bold and bright colours – pastels will give off the aged but elegant air that you’re looking for. An opulent and theatrical wedding should have golds, reds and blacks. The clues are all there – you just need to piece them together.

Produce the Dream

You’ve done it! You have your theme, your venue and your colour scheme. You now have you wedding style. All you need to do know is bring it to life. This is the fun part where you get to go shopping or get to go crafty. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  • Apply your wedding style to every element of your day. Consistency is not only chic but it makes for great wedding photos.
  • Hiring centrepieces can be a really cheap and convenient solution.
  • Make your purchases on credit cards or pay via PayPal and be careful who you buy from. There are many foreign companies that either have British looking websites or use eBay to sell their goods. They often have terrible reputations for getting orders wrong, sending poor quality products and bad customer service. Our UK trading standards can’t help you if you buy abroad so protect yourself and be vigilante. Look for reviews and make contact with the seller before you pay.
  • Get wedding insurance. If you are hiring goods or using anything perishable then you must get wedding insurance in case your date has to change.
  • Don’t be scared to haggle with suppliers and don’t be scared to Do It Yourself if the price isn’t right. There is lots of competition in the wedding market and there are also lots of DIY wedding blogs to help you if you need it. There is no need to over-pay.
  • Make sure that there is somebody to set-up your décor and pack it away at the end of the night. This might be your wedding planner, venue stylist, best man or venue manager but make sure that someone is doing it.

Good luck to you and we hope your wedding day is everything that you have ever dreamed of. Feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Our Blog, Google Plus or Email if you need any help or advise at all.


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