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Tangerine Dreams – Orange Wedding Décor Ideas

Overview & Styles

Orange is one of the most energetic and stimulating of the warm colours. This bright, cheerful colour is perfect for a wedding celebration due to it’s embracing and inviting nature. A fun and vibrant colour scheme such as this is so very versatile. Day or night, spring or autumn, traditional or radical, there is an orange colour scheme for every wedding. Today we are concentrating on the 2 wedding styles that we think work best with an orange colour scheme.

Tangerine Dreams - Orange Wedding Ideas

Rustic. A Rustic wedding theme is a fantastic way to incorporate orange into your colour scheme. Burnt orange, terracotta, honey, ginger and paprika are perfect colour shades for this look. A rustic orange colour scheme is ideal for a country style wedding, an autumn wedding or a barn wedding. Add flashes of purples and greens for a Moroccan inspired palette. Just beautiful.

Tangerine Dreams - Orange Wedding Colour Scheme Palette

Modern. An orange colour scheme can also be used to make a bold, modern statement. Be brave and use blocks of tangerine, carrot, amber, pumpkin or caramel against a high contrasting background such as white or black. Or take inspiration from Bollywood and Asian weddings by teaming it with hot pinks and bright lemon yellows.

Orange Wedding Flowers

Tangerine Dreams - Orange Wedding Flowers & Ideas

We can’t even think of a wedding flower that doesn’t look amazing in orange. Roses, calla lilies, geraniums, hydrangea, nerine, dahlias.. they will all look amazing. If going for a rustic orange theme, use winding twigs, winter berries and straw to make your arrangements really interesting. For a modern orange theme, ask your florist to use an abstract structure. Calla lilies and heliconia (pictured in the middle of our image) are perfect for this edgy look. And the orange makes it all the more tropical too.

Orange Wedding Décor Ideas

Orange wedding decorations are a joy. Because orange is such a versatile & happy colour, almost any decoration looks fantastic in almost any shade. Drapes, fairy lights and LED wall washers are a great way to instantly flood a space with the warmth and joy of an orange colour scheme.

Tangerine Dreams - Orange Wedding Decorations & Ideas

The use of candle holders or candle lanterns is a brilliant way to use orange wedding decorations. The burn of a soft candle flame will effortlessly illuminate any space in a warm orange glow. Moroccan lanterns cast decorative light patterns against table cloths. Hanging votive tea light holders with a cracked gold paint creates a similar effect and Chinese paper lanterns are often found in orange. A gold brass candelabra centrepiece would be ideal as the focal point of an orange themed wedding table.

Orange Wedding Décor Ideas

Then there are the gap fillers. Do not underestimate how important these little decorations can be in completing a wedding look. Orange silk petals, orange scatter crystals, orange confetti and orange tea lights can be used to decorate your ceremony aisle, your wedding tables, your bar counter and any other surface you can think of. Orange feather butterflies are another great way of brightening up dull spaces in your room. You can also use gold butterfly place name cards to decorate your wine glasses.

To see a whole range of wedding decorations in orange visit Wedding Décor Direct’s Orange Colour Scheme Page.


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